"At Request Computing our commitment to customer service is paramount. As such we focus on providing an exceptional level of service to a manageable number of clients."
"Over 10 years of providing 2nd line and 3rd line support to our clients we know how best to keep your business running efficiently."
The perfect debt management
software for your business…
…US and European partner for Debt Collection Software Systems
"Our experienced team are able to fully support your business from the beginning of any project right through to completion and then ongoing support if needed.”

Used by some of the largest Debt collection business’ in Europe and North America.

Debt collection is more important than ever, but there are few, if any, technologies as versatile and powerful as Debtrak. The platform has proven so successful that once an organisation starts using it, we’ve never seen a client defect to another software since we began in 2002.

Debtrak delivers for government, agency, outsourcers, utilities, telcos and financial institutions with robust and scalable architecture and an unparalleled support base for redundancy and full customisation.

Customers come first! Nothing matches our comprehensive support team of regionally-focused account managers and developers.


Debtrak’s advanced technologies help to reduce your total cost of ownership and drive efficiency to your organization though advanced collections functionality; broad third party integration and decision support and intelligence.

Debtrak is a robust Debt Collection System with strong upgrade paths which have been proven since 2002. Debtrak is based on a single Microsoft SQL Server platform. MS SQL is the latest in database technology and is widely supported with a continual upgrade path. This platform can easily integrate with other systems.

Robust Debt Collection System with strong upgrade paths which have been proven since 2002.

Data import in real time.

Powerful tools to support automated workflows.

Dynamic and intuitive controlled screens.

PCI DSS compliant and is tested every quarter and with every major release.

Scanned and certified by HP Verify every 6 months.

Trusted throughout the World

What our clients say…

In a world of ever increasing competitive and productivity pressure, getting the most out of the features that platform can offer is paramount and Request do that for our clients and in turn are a great ambassador for the Debtrak brand and our values.  I trust Request will have continued client success for many years to come and that our mutually beneficial relationship will last many more decades.



A colleague knew Mark Jones.  We then sat in a Demo amongst several and Request stood out and provided a sensible price, showing good knowledge and awareness of our business and delivered exactly what we were looking for.

Neil Machin


Thanks to Request we have been able to deliver a solution that is bespoke to H&T and ultimately plays into our values and helps us provide a top service to our customers.

Neil Machin


We partnered with Debtrak/Request in 2013 as we looked to amalgamate a number of systems into one platform.  When I arrived at H&T we had 3 systems handling 3 financial products.  The ability of Debtrak to flexibly handle multiple products appealed to us. We are now able to update customer comms, amend workflows, move accounts around in bulk and administer the full loan process from agreement date right through to collections and outsource.

Neil Machin


About Request Computing

Established in 2010 by a team of IT professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in Health Care, Utilities, Financial Services and Manufacturing. We support small and medium-sized businesses throughout the UK.

Our objective is to help clients improve their IT provision, supported up by expert advice via phone, email, remote access or on-site assistance.

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